The phrase of the week
World War II
  • 'Those Jews rose to their feet, were formed and shot as strictly military. I took care of that there were no atrocities or brutal treatment. There was no age limit. Thank God, they executed them very few children'

    "Dirt is horrible, but the apparent cleaning inside a camp is a refinement of cruelty"

    'I have become a Zionist. This word means many things. To me it means, in summary, that I feel now, consciously and heavily, that I'm Jewish, and I'm proud of it. My first goal is to go to Palestine, work for it. Clearly that this not been given one day to another, it has been a gradual process'

    'The reason why I rescued children stems from my home, from my childhood. I was raised in the belief that a person in need should be helped by heart, without looking at their religion or nationality'

    'I have taken on this task, and I can never return to Stockholm without knowing in my heart that I have done everything a man can do to save as many jews as possible'

     'United States is the last country in the world that Japan should be faced'

  • "When I think of a new novel, I always think of Auschwitz"

    'If we wanted to keep fighting, the result would be not only the collapse and destruction of the japanese people, but would also lead to the total extinction of human civilization'

    Do you know what is most important thing to having gone through a camp? Do you know that that, that is the most important and most terrible thing, the only thing you cannot explain? The smell of burning flesh.

    ‘Such a magnificient, sunny day and I’m to die. But how many are dying on the battle fields today, how many young lives full of hope (...) What does my death matter if our actions make thousands of people stop and wake up’

    ‘Eugen,we won’t get a better future in germany until the government gets blown up. And I tell you: I’ll do it, I’m going to do it!’ (Elser to his friend Eugen Rau)
Civil War in Catalonia
  • 'I decided to move away from communism not by their aims but by their methods'