NewsWorld War II
Second World War Stuka dive bomber found in Croatia’s Adriatic
03/10/2014.-A rare, well-preserved German World War II bomber has been found in Croatia's central Adriatic more than seven decades after it ...
Eight people killed in Bangkok by the explosion of World War II bomb
11/04/2014.-Eight people were killed and twenty injured in the tragic explosion of a World War II bomb in a scrap shop of Bangkok, capital of Th...
Israel unveils a monument to all homosexual victims of Nazi Germany
13/01/2014.- Israel unveiled a memorial in Tel Aviv to remember the gay and lesbian victims of Nazi persecution, in a ceremony attended by Germa...
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NewsSpanish Civil War
Victims of Franco Regime requires Spanish Government to investigate more than 130,000 disappeared according to the UN mandate
16/11/2013.- The spanish platform for Truth Commission, consisting of more than one hundred organizations in memory of family members and victim...
Only 10 International Brigades veterans still alive worldwide
29/10/2013.- This autumn several events commemorate 75th anniversary of International Brigades departure. The vast majority of them have been or...
A bloody handkerchief that Orwell wore when he was shot in Spanish Civil War going up for auction
29/09/2013.-A handkerchief with traces of blood that English writer George Orwell (1903-1950) wore when he was shot in the neck during the Spani...
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NewsCivil War in Catalonia
A research team discovered the remains of a Spanish Civil War soldier at an archaeological site of the Ebro
04/10/2013.-A team of archaeologists working at a site in the municipality of Aldover (Ebro, Catalonia ) discovered a few days ago the remains, ...
Sons of british brigade unveiled a plaque in the Ebro to keep their memory alive
25/09/2013.-Fifty relatives and supporters of the U.S. and British volunteers enrolled at the XV International Brigade in the Battle of the Ebro...
Barcelona launches on 26 September a musical about the International Brigades called 'Goodbye Barcelona'
12/09/2013.- The Raval Theatre in Barcelona launches on September 26 a musical called 'Goodbye Barcelona', in calalan, inspired by the r...
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Paneriai Memorial
Monument to printer Enzys Jagomastas, next to the railway.
The Lithuanian Genocide
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The phrase of the week: Manuel Tagüeña

'I decided to move away from communism not by their aims but by their methods'

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The character of the week: Maximilian Kolbe
The date of the week: 26/04/1937
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  • 18/11/2013.-Trailer 'Victor 'Young' Perez'