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World War II : Second World War Stuka dive bomber found in Croatia’s Adriatic
friday, 3 of october de 2014

03/10/2014.-A rare, well-preserved German World War II bomber has been found in Croatia's central Adriatic more than seven decades after it was shot down, the national conservation institute said on Wednesday. The wreckage of the Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka (Sturzkampfflugzeug) 'dive bomber' was discovered not far from the southern coast of the island of Zirje, institute official Igor Miholjek told AFP.

World War II : Eight people killed in Bangkok by the explosion of World War II bomb
friday, 11 of april de 2014

11/04/2014.-Eight people were killed and twenty injured in the tragic explosion of a World War II bomb in a scrap shop of Bangkok, capital of Thailand.

Spanish Civil War: Descobreixen a Gran Canària imatges inèdites de Franco la vigília de l'aixecament militar
monday, 3 of march de 2014
World War II : Israel unveils a monument to all homosexual victims of Nazi Germany
monday, 13 of january de 2014

13/01/2014.- Israel unveiled a memorial in Tel Aviv to remember the gay and lesbian victims of Nazi persecution, in a ceremony attended by Germany's ambassador. Members of Tel Aviv's gay community turned out to see the stone monument, modelled on the pink triangle Nazis made homosexuals wear in nazi concentration camps during World War II, which features inscriptions in German, Hebrew and English.