Georg Elser (Hermaringen,W├╝rttemberg, 04/01/1903 - Dachau Concentration Camp, 09/04/1945)

On November 8, 1939, George Elser, a carpenter by profession, attempted to assassinate Hitler by detonating a bomb in the Bürgerbraukeller in Munich.Elser planned the attack since autumm 1938 with the aim of preventing the outbreak of war. In November of that year Elser attended the annual commemoration of the 'Beer-Hall Putsch' and found that the brewery was not guarded. The next year, and during more than 30 nights, Elser visited the brewery to prepare the attack.??

The time bomb placed in one of the pillars of brewery exploded as planned, at 21:20 pm on November 8, 1939. Killed 8 people and wounded about 60 more.Hitler escaped unharmed for only a few minutes because the traditional speech he pronounced each year was much shorter than at other times and HItler came back quickly to Berlin.??Elser tried to flee to Switzerland but he was stopped because of suspicious objects discovered in his pockets. After days of interrogation, Elser confessed. The nazi regime did not believed that Elser act alone and accused British secret services.

??He was sent to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp as a special prisoner. Elser was transferred to Dachau in February or March 1943. He was assigned to several different cells in the bunker presumably to await a show trial after the end of the war. He was kept in strict solitary confinement and placed under the constant guard of an SS man. On April 9, 1945, on orders from Himmler, George Elser was murdered by the SS at the crematorium.